Community Groups

We gather together to learn how to love God and love each other. Community groups are small intimate gatherings designed for individuals to grow in their relationship with Christ by studying the Word together and applying it rightly. You do not have to be a member of FBC Troy to be apart of community group. All are welcome!


What is a Community Group?

Our vision for college students is to be an active part of the church through fellowship with believers of all generations, have a growing faith, and see the importance of discipleship. Community groups allow college students to dive into all of these things at once! Most community groups average 8-15 people within a group who meet bi-weekly in the home of a church member for a couple of hours to learn about God, eat good food, live life together, pray for one another, and laugh. 

What Should I Expect?

Expect Jesus to be the primary focus

As Christians, we see Jesus as the foundation of our lives. Every aspect of our lives run through Him and His goodness and mercy. Our main talks will be focused on growing in our understanding of Him, as we dive into what was taught during college worship nights. 

Expect diversity in friendships and relationships

Community groups allow us to engage with people we would not normally interact with on a daily basis. Prepare to hear and care for fellow Christians with a variety of different backgrounds and stories. 

Expect a relaxed and safe place to be

As God's children, we love because he first loved us. We extend grace and mercy because he has given us more than we could ever deserve. Your community group will be a reflection of God's grace in your life. The church is made up of imperfect people who realize their need of a savior. Let your walls down in community group and let the church care for you. If your community group does not portray this environment, we highly encourage you to talk to your group leader or college pastor. 


When do We Meet?

Starting the week of August 19th, community groups will meet bi-weekly starting at 7pm. College worship nights and community groups will alternate each week during the semester. Community group leaders and our social media accounts will send you friendly reminders of the weeks community groups meet. We know college is a busy time full of extracurricular actives, so our community groups are designed to give you an option between two different nights of the week, Monday and Thursdays.

How can I join a Community Group?  

You can choose a Community Group by signing up under the night that works best for your schedule.