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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update Originally we had tentatively scheduled for January 13 to be our start date to resume Wednesday evening activities, but because Pike County is currently in "high alert" status and due to recent heightened concerns among many of our members, we are postponing our start date until the leaders involved in all of our various areas on Wednesday evenings can gather to formulate a plan, which we will communicate with you about soon.

Guest Speaker

Special guest, Zane Pratt, will be preaching on Sunday, January 17. He is the Vice President for global training at the International Mission Board. Zane will also be sharing and answering questions with our college and young adult Sunday School class in the Fellowship Hall. Anyone interested in attending is welcome to come.

Quarterly Business Meeting

We will have our Quarterly Business Meeting in the Activities Building on Wednesday, January 27 at 6pm.

Faith Commitment Offering

FCO pledge cards will be available on Sunday, January 17. We will collect them on Sunday, January 24. Please pray about what you would give to missions this next year.

Elevator Maintenance

The elevator in the church will be down for repairs this coming Sunday, January 10. It will be working again by the following Sunday, January 17. Thank you for your understanding.

ANSWERS: Bible Study

God’s plan of redemption is woven throughout Scripture. From Genesis to Revelation, we can trace the “scarlet thread” of the gospel to reveal this unified theme in the Bible. Christians must be ready to give an answer for what they believe. This study will equip you to defend the Bible against common skeptical questions. April Wilson will be leading this chronological Bible study in the Fellowship Hall on Tuesdays from 12-1pm.

REVELATION: Women's Bible Study

Women's Bible Study on the book of Revelation beginning Thursday, January 14 at 9AM. You can sign up here or by calling Ginny Hamm (492-1958). Books will be available upon request. This study will meet every Thursday at 9AM.

PURPOSE: Men's Bible Study The Men's Bible Study will begin again starting the week of January 31, 2021. The men will be studying Purpose (section 3 of the Rick Burgess discipleship curriculum) over the following five weeks.

Board Member Needed

The MDO Board is in need of 1 more member. Please contact the chair, Beth Bell, at 334-318-9226 if you are interested in serving. Church Directory Thank you to everyone for sending in a picture for the directory! Click here to download the Winter 2020 Directory. Hard copies are available in the church office. Send your favorite family picture to the church office by emailing it to It will be added in the Spring 2021 edition!

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