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Deacon Nominations

Hey FBC Troy Family, Though we are relegated to being apart during this time, the Church marches on! There are still things related to keeping the church moving in the right direction that must continue. One of those things is the nomination and selection of new deacons. Please carefully read over both pages of the Deacon Nomination form and 1 Timothy 3:8-13 and prayerfully nominate the men God lays upon your heart to serve in the Deacon Ministry this next year. This is an incredibly important role in the Body of Christ, and so these nominations and decisions regarding those the Lord desires to serve this particular year in our church are also incredibly important. Then please fill in the form in its entirety and turn back into the Church Office no later than the final business day of May, which will be Thursday, May 28.

Until we meet again soon, may the Lord bless all of you for your faithfulness to Him and His Church during these trying times! Your Pastor and friend, Dr. Ross Lankford

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