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Sunday Morning Guidelines for Children, Birth – 6th Grade

Effective August 16, 2020

In an effort to protect the safety of our children and their families, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, we are putting forth the following guidelines. There is no way to be 100% sure whether someone will unknowingly carry the virus. If we do become aware of a child or volunteer testing positive for COVID-19, we will notify those who came into contact with that individual. We know that these precautions are tedious, however they are not optional because they are for the safety of our children. Until further notice, the nursery and preschool children will meet in the FLC. Look for signage designating Nursery and Preschool

You should NOT come into the building if…

  • You have a fever of 100 degrees or higher.

  • You have any respiratory infections, or have had a cough, sneezing regularly, had shortness of breath, vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours.

  • In the previous 14 days, you have had any contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, are under the investigation for COVID-19, or are experiencing a respiratory illness.

  • In the previous 14 days, you have traveled on a cruise or internationally.

Upon Arrival

Everyone will have their temperatures taken upon arrival and will be screened with the four statements above. If anyone has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, they will not be allowed to stay.

Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

  • Please take your child to the restroom before checking in.

  • Only one parent/guardian will be allowed for drop-off and pick-up (no siblings).

  • A limited number of people will be allowed into the children’s area at one time.

  • Follow the prescribed directions at the entrance of the children’s area.

  • Other normal check-in procedures still apply.

  • Please pick up your child immediately after the service to assist those who need to clean for the next day. Pick up procedures will be shared upon arrival each Sunday.

Nursery/Preschool/Children’s Area Procedures

  • Masks are suggested for children in 2nd grade through 6th grade, in accordance with school guidelines. Please notify Anela Culpepper if your child has medical issues with wearing a mask.

  • Hand sanitizer will be located at the entrances for all workers and volunteers.

  • Bring your own baby bottles or sippy cups with written instructions.

  • Staff and children will be required to wash their hands upon arrival and will do so throughout.

  • Adult workers will wear masks. Teachers may remove while teaching while maintaining proper distance as much as possible.

  • Gloves are to be used when diapering and hands washed afterwards. Changing tables will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.

  • Rooms and items will be sanitized before and after each Sunday.

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