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Masks Required | COVID-19 Update

Hello Church Family,

As you may be aware now, our Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey, issued a state-wide “Safer at Home MASK REQUIREMENT” statement to take effect beginning Thursday, July 16, at 5:00 p.m. It requires masks to be worn in public and within six feet of others from another household. This order is in effect through Friday, July 31.

Yes, several exemptions were named; however, due to the heightened concern in the state and also among our own church members, we will be requiring masks to be worn to worship every week.

Also, we had originally set Sunday, August 16 as the date to go back to Sunday School and regular weekly activities. However, we also stated this plan was “tentative.” The Pastors and key leaders of our church will continue to monitor progress and reports of the virus and will continue meeting to consider the best options/timing for our congregation.

Below are some key points you need to be aware of as we prepare to gather for worship this Sunday.

What We’ve Previously Done:

· Hands-free restrooms

· Hand sanitizer stations at each entrance to the Sanctuary

· Sanitizing the Sanctuary each week

· Masks provided at entrances for those who did not bring their own

· Things removed/eliminated from the Sanctuary and worship include: greeting time, bulletins, passing of offering plates (offering taken upon exiting), Bibles, pens/pencils, envelopes, hymnals, pew cushions (removed and being sanitized)

· Every other pew is blocked off and households encouraged to sit six feet from other households

· Doors to each entrance are already open prior to the service

· We are encouraging everyone to avoid hand-shaking and bodily contact

· People are encouraged to exit the door nearest the section where they sat for the service

Additional Measures Taken Beginning Sunday, July 19th:

· Masks will be REQUIRED by everyone entering the Sanctuary. Please bring your own if you can. If you do not have one, either please acquire one before Sunday, or some will be available at the entrances to the Sanctuary.

· If you are unable to wear a mask for the service, we ask that you do not attend. (Those speaking and leading music from the platform are exempt from wearing a mask while they are performing their parts.)

· Gloves will also be available at the entrances for those who may need the extra layer of safety.

· The front right section of pews (right section if you are facing the platform) will be sectioned off for “Senior Adult Seating” to provide extra precaution for our most vulnerable and to allow for them to enter and exit the Sanctuary through the College Street side with limited exposure to others in the foyer.

In Christ's love, The Pastoral Team

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