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Overview of 1 Kings

Author: Speculated to be Levites or priests, the author or authors of the book is unknown.

Date: 1-2 Kings could not have been written before the sixth century B.C.. It is most likely written around the years 539-330 B.C.

The Purpose:

As the title of the book indicates, 1 Kings describes the period of the monarchy in ancient Israel (970–586 B.C.), concentrating on the kings who ruled after David.

1 Kings is to show Yahweh is the only true God. He controls nature and history. Yahweh is a promise giver, and demands our exclusive worship. 1 Kings shows us God continues to reveal his character, and there are just consequences for those who go against him.


1 and 2 Kings were originally written as one unified book that builds off the book of Samuel. It shows us the succession of Israel’s kings after David. This book is meant to show that none of these kings lived up to the promise established by God for a messianic kingdom over the nations and fulfill the promise made to Abraham. 1-2 Kings shows these kings would eventually lead the nation into its own destruction.

The Book of 1 Kings can be broken into three major sections:

Ch. 1-11 Solomon’s reign —>

Ch. 12-16 Israel’s North vs. South —>

Ch. 17-22 Israel’s Kings vs. Prophets —> 2Kings

And so now we get into our book chapters 1-10

Section 1

The Reign of Solomon CH.1-11

A. Adonijah attempts to claim the throne ch. 1

B. David’s final words to Solomon Ch.2

C. The Death of King David Ch.2:10 40 years

D. Solomons reign is established Ch.2:13

E. Solomon prays for Godly wisdom Ch.3

F. Solomon’s officials and his increasing wisdom and wealthy Ch. 4

G. The Preparation for the building of the temple Ch. 5

H. The building of the temple and Solomons palace Ch.6-7