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Overview of Joshua

The Book of Joshua

Brief Overview of the Old Testament Sections of Scripture:

LAW: The _____________ for Christ – Genesis through Deuteronomy: these books are all about the moral life of the nation

HISTORY: The _____________ for Christ – Joshua through Esther: these books are all about the national life of the nation

POETRY: The ______________ or Longing for Christ – these writings are all about the spiritual life of the nation

PROPHECY: The ______________ of Christ – these books are all about the future of the nation

As we approach the book of Joshua, and the man himself, let’s take a look at a comparison between Moses(former leader) and Joshua(future leader)


Led Israel out of __________ Led Israel into ____________

Led Israel through the ___ ____ Led Israel over the _________

A symbol of ______________ A symbol of ___________

Redeemer from _________ Victor over the __________

What is the over-arching lesson behind the book of Joshua? ________ is the “victory that overcomes the world.”

Who is the author? Predominantly Joshua – but with other contributors, especially toward the end of the book. (24:66)

The book was written before the days of Saul & David and interestingly before the death of Rahab. The last portion of the final chapter, concerning the death of Joshua, was of course, written by another author. Just as Joshua wrote the last chapter of Deuteronomy on the death of Moses, it is likely that someone who outlived Joshua wrote the passage on Joshua’s death.

Date of Writing: on or about ____________ at the conclusion of the conquest of the land of Canaan and just prior to Joshua’s death. We know that Moses died in 1405 B.C. and Joshua died at _____ years of age after conquering the land. By this experts have estimated Joshua died @1379 B.C.

Who was the book written to? To the _____________ Israelites who were settling in the promised land.

One Final Note: the history of the tribes that some of them did not drive out “all” of the enemies and therefore some remained in the land. As a result, the Israelites could not claim total possession of their allotted land.

3 Reasons for the Book of Joshua:

1. Its _______________ Purpose

2. Its _______________ Purpose

3. Its ____________________ Purpose


The book reveals how God brought the nation of Israel into the ___________ ______ in fulfillment of God’s ___________ to the forefathers of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It also shows how Joshua and Israel _____________ and ____________ the promise land.


1. This book manifests God’s _______________ to His Promises

2. This book shows that the _____________ life must be lived by ________ in God

3. This book indicates that although God’s gifts are ______, we must struggle by _______ to take hold of our possessions in Christ


The name Joshua means “__________” or “____________” – Joshua is seen as the Captain that leads his people – Jesus Christ is also described by some as the captain of our souls. Christ is also portrayed in this book in the person of the commander of the army of the Lord (5:14). This passage shows that it is indeed the “angel of the Lord,” or, the preincarnate Christ Himself, whose holy presence demands _____________. Finally, just as the promised land was promised to the Israelites, Christ is the inheritance for _____ and ___, His people.

ULTIMATELY: This book can be divided into 3 parts:

1. Chapters 1-5a – _____________ the Promised Land

2. Chapters 5b-12 – _____________ the Promised Land

3. Chapters 13-24 – ______________ the Promised Land

This book is one of triumph for _______________ _______________ to God!


1. God acts in history to ___________ His promises

2. God seeks to provide _______ for His people

3. God has ethical _________________ of His people

4. God punishes a _________________ people

5. God will win the ____________

Chapter 1 Summary:

The LORD said to Joshua, “arise, cross into the land. Be strong and courageous.” So Joshua told the officers to prepare provisions. Joshua informs the people and reminds the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Half Manasseh about their commitment to cross over with the rest of the nation.

Chapter 1 Details:

Verses 1-4 Joshua was to _______ the people of God into the promised land

Verse 5 The Lord was with Joshua

Verse 6 Joshua was to be __________ in the Lord

Verse 8 Joshua was to ______ the complete law of God

Verse 9 the Lord commissioned Joshua

Verses 10-11 The proof of Joshua’s obedience; he __________ the word of the Lord

Verses 12-15 Joshua ______________ the promises of God

Verses 16-18 Joshua was _______________ by the people

Chapter 2 Summary:

Chapter 2 Details:

Joshua sends spies to Jericho. A prostitute named Rahab hid them, so they promised to spare her family. The spies report back to Joshua.

Verse 1 we learn that Rahab was a __________; and to what degree of a sinner she was

Verses 2-7 Rahab hid the spies by _________

Verses 8-10 Rahab had _________ what the Lord had done

Verses 12-13 Rahab ______________ her loved ones be spared or saved

Verses 14-22 Her request for her family’s __________ was granted

Chapter 3 Summary:

God promises to exalt Joshua in the eyes of the people. The Jordan River is halted when the priests approached the river carrying the Ark and the people cross on dry land.

Chapter 3 Details:

Verse 1-2 The people _____________ themselves to cross the Jordan River

Verse 3 The ark of the covenant was the people’s ____________ for crossing the Jordan

Verse 4 The people were instructed on how to cross the Jordan

Verses 5-6 The people would receive ______________ blessings from God

Verses 7-8 The Lord was _____ Joshua

Verse 9 The people were to _______ the word of God

Verse 10 – The people were to ____________ in the living God

Verses 11-13 The people were to ________ the laws of God

Verses 14-17 The people were given a _____________

Chapter 4 Summary:

The LORD told Joshua to set up memorial stones from the Jordan at Gilgal as a remembrance for the miraculous crossing of the Jordan. Joshua also set up 12 stones within the Jordan itself. When the priests brought the ark up to the bank of the river the waters returned to normal.

Verses 1-6 The 12 stones would symbolize great truth

Chapter 4 Details:

Verse 7 These stones would ___________ Israel of the great power of God

Verses 8-18 The Israelites had to obey the laws of God

Verses 19-24 The Israelites were __________ ____________ that God had delivered them from slavery.

Chapter 5 Summary:

The Israelites were circumcised at the hill of foreskins, which is renamed Gilgal. Joshua met the commander of the Lord’s army and bowed down. The people celebrate Passover and Joshua is approached by the General of Yahweh’s army.

Chapter 5 Details:

Verse 1 The Lord was the source of the law of Moses

Verses 2-6 The Israelites had to be circumcised; the entrance into the _______________

Verses 7-9 The Lord rolled away the reproach of Egypt

Verse 10 The observance of the Passover

Verses 11-12 The effects of the Passover

Verse 13 Out of doubt, Joshua asked, “Art Thou for us, or for our adversaries?”

Verse 14 Out of _______________, Joshua worshiped the Lord

Verse 15 Out of _______________, Joshua obeyed the laws of God

Chapter 6 Summary:

Joshua carries out God’s plan and destroys the city of Jericho. The Lord said that the army should march around Jericho. On the seventh day they shouted and the walls of the city fell and was destroyed.

Chapter 6 Details:

Verse 1 The people of Jericho ___________ the victory by the Israelites

Verse 2 The Lord was the source of the _____________

Verses 3-5 The method and instructions for victory

Verses 6-7 The people were to ________ the laws of God

Verses 8-11 The terms for the victory so that the people could not complain about their lot

Verses 12-17 The necessary ____________ needed to victory

Verses 18-20 Hindrances to the victory

Verses 21-27 The effects of the victory was the _______________ _________________ of Jericho

Chapter 7 Summary:

The Israelites are defeated at Ai because of the way Jericho was violated. (Achan took some banned items. When the army went against Ai they were defeated. The Lord identified Achan and the people stoned him.)

Chapter 7 Details:

Verse 1 The ________ of Achan’s sin was the _______________________ of God’s law

Verse 2-5 The effects of Achan’s sin brought about __________ for Israel

Verses 6-15 Israel’s leader was concerned over Achan’s sin

Verses 16-21 we find the reasons for Achan’s sin: he _____, he ______________, and he __________ of the forbidden things

Verses 22-26 The punishment for Achan’s sin: _____________ to death by his own people

Chapter 8 Summary:

The Israelites ambush Ai and kill its 12,000 inhabitants. (The Lord told Joshua to take the army against Ai. They set up an ambush and destroyed the city.) Joshua recites Moses’ teaching of blessings and curses upon Mt. Ebal.

Chapter 8 Details:

Verses 1-2 The reason for the fall of Ai was to bring ____________________ upon her

Verses 3-9 describes the intent and ways the city was to fall

Verses 10-17 the preparations for the fall of Ai

Verses 18-23 was the cause of her fall – she fell by the _________ ___ _______

Verses 24-29 describes the completeness of her fall

Verses 30-31 we see the ____________ of the law of Moses was to _______;

the _________ of the law was that it was written on _________;

the law was written for the Israelites; the law was to be ___________ by all the people.

Chapter 9 Summary:

The Gibeonites dress in costume and trick the Israelites into a peace treaty. The Israelites then force the Gibeonites to do degrading labor.

Chapter 9 Details:

Verses 1-2 we see the opposition to Israel

Verses 3 the __________ for the ruse

Verses 4-13 we see the ___________ of the ruse

Verses 14-15 were the ____________ of the ruse

Verses 16-21 is the ________________ of the Gibeonites

Verses 22-27 is the _________________ for their trickery

Chapter 10 Summary:

Joshua protects Gibeon from the Amorites, stops the sun and moon, and conquers the land.

Chapter 10 Details:

In Verses 1-27 we see God giving victory over the 5 Kings of the Amorites:

Verses 1-5 we see that there was a need for a victory – the enemy was encamped before Gibeon

Verses 6-7 we learn that the people of God were ready for the fight

Verses 8-11 is the Lord’s assurance to the people of a __________

Verses 12-14 the Lord continues to assure them about the time for the victory

Verses 15-27 we learn of the outcome of the battle – the wicked were destroyed

Verses 28-30 The Lord gives victory over the Canaanites

Verses 31-32 the wicked were being destroyed

Verses 33-42 Joshua assures complete victory over the entire country

Verse 43 Joshua returns to Gilgal

Chapter 11 Summary:

Joshua defeats the local kings who rally against him and conquers the land.

Chapter 11 Details:

Verses 1-9 The battle at the waters of Merom

Verses 10-14 The battle of Hazor

Verses 15-23 Joshua was commanded by the Lord so he took the ________ land for the Israelites

Chapter 12 Summary:

The kingdoms that Moses conquered east of the Jordan and the ones Joshua conquered west of the Jordan are listed

Chapter 12 Details:

Verses 1-6 The ______________ of Moses

Verses 7-24 The _____________ of Joshua

Chapter 13 Summary:

God tells Joshua, who has grown older by this time, to apportion the land west of the Jordan to the 12 tribes of Israel. The land that Moses apportioned east of the Jordan is described.

Chapter 13 Details:

Verses 1-7 We see the _______ of the unconquered land

Verses 8-33 The ________________ of inheritance for Reuban, Gad and Half Manasseh

Chapter 14 Summary:

Joshua grants Caleb the city of Hebron, just as Moses had promised

Chapter 14 Details:

Verses 1-5 the allotment of the ___________

Verses 6-15 the success of _______

Chapter 15 Summary:

The boundaries and cities of Judah’s territory are enumerated. Caleb conquers his land and give his daughter in marriage to the man who conquers Kiriath-Sepher. Judah could not defeat Jerusalem.

Chapter 15 Details:

Verses 1-12 The borders of ________

Verses 13-20 the portion for _________

Verses 21-63 The cities of ____________

Chapter 16 Summary:

Ephraim is allotted its portion but is unable to depose the Canaanites from Gezer.

Chapter 16 Details:

Verses 1-4 The borders for Ephraim and Manasseh

Verses 5-10 The inheritance of _____________

Chapter 17 Summary:

The sons and daughters of Manasseh are given their portion but cannot expel the Canaanites. When they ask for more land Joshua tells them to clear the forests and conquer the Canaanites in the valleys.

Chapter 17 Details:

Verses 1-18 The inheritance of _________________: the reason, portions, borders and effects of his inheritance

Chapter 18 Summary:

Joshua sends scouts to explore and divide the land into ________ portions for the remaining sever tribes. _________________ is allotted its portion of land.

Chapter 18 Details:

Verses 1-7 The Israelites were happy when they set up the tabernacle at Shiloh. They had yet to conquer and possess the land. They were instructed to go and conquer the land.

Verses 8-28 Because of their obedience to Joshua, Joshua casts lots for them and the inheritance for Benjamin was chosen.

Chapter 19 Summary:

Allotments for the seven tribes given.

Chapter 19 Details:

Verses 1-51 gives us details about the inheritance for Simeon, Zebulun, Issachar, Asher Naphtali, Dan and Joshua

Chapter 20 Summary:

In accordance with God’s command, the people designate ____ cities of _______ for those who kill by mistake.

Chapter 20 Details:

Verses 1-9 The cities were appointed. Theses cities were to be filled with dwellers, given protection from persecution and they had to remain in the city.

Chapter 21 Summary:

The Levites are given ____ cities from the territories of the 12 tribes. The conquest and settlement of the land comes to an end.

Chapter 21 Details:

Verses 1-3 declares it was the Lord’s will for the ____________ to inherit their land

Verses 4-8 we see the inheritance of the Kohathites, the Gershon, and the Merari

Verses 9-42 the cities of their inheritance

Verses 43-45 we are reminded again that it was the _______ Himself who gave them the land

Chapter 22 Summary:

Joshua sends the two and half tribes back to the east side of the Jordan. They return and build an altar. This act enrages the western tribes. War is averted when the easterners explain that their altar is actually a memorial that is not meant for sacrifice.

Chapter 22 Details:

Verses 1-6 are all about the ____________ of the people. They __________ their obedience; they were given______ and ________________ for their obedience.

Verses 7-8 The inheritance for Manasseh

Verses 9-34 The altar: the place, the reaction, the purpose and the effects

Chapter 23 Summary:

Joshua gathers the people in is old age, praises God for conquering the land, and warns that intermarriage and idolatry will cause calamity

Chapter 23 Details:

Verses 1-6 We see the reason for ______________ the Lord – it was because the Lord fought their battles

Verses 4-13 shows us the ways the people were to serve the Lord: to ______ the laws of God, to keep themselves from ___________, to ___________ to the Lord and not to have mixed marriages

Verses 14-16 we see that if the people would keep these decrees from God then the Lord would _________ them for their services

Chapter 24 Summary:

Joshua recounts the history of Israel, convinces the people to commit to God, and sets up a stone as a witness. Joshua dies and is buried in Ephraim.

Chapter 24 Details:

Verses 1-13 we see that the Lord is _____________. He formed a great nation from the children of Abraham. The lord _______________ Israel from oppression.

Verses 14-28 we learn about the challenge for the Israelites to ________ the Lord.

Verses 19-20 the Lord would __________ the Israelites for their _______________

Verses 21-24 we see that by serving the Lord through ______________ that you can be a living ___________ to those around you

Verses 29 the reality of the _________ of Joshua

Verses 30-31 the Israelites ___________ him in Mt Ephraim

Verses 32-33 a brief history of Israel after ____________ death

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