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Overview of Joshua

The Book of Joshua

Brief Overview of the Old Testament Sections of Scripture:

LAW: The _____________ for Christ – Genesis through Deuteronomy: these books are all about the moral life of the nation

HISTORY: The _____________ for Christ – Joshua through Esther: these books are all about the national life of the nation

POETRY: The ______________ or Longing for Christ – these writings are all about the spiritual life of the nation

PROPHECY: The ______________ of Christ – these books are all about the future of the nation

As we approach the book of Joshua, and the man himself, let’s take a look at a comparison between Moses(former leader) and Joshua(future leader)


Led Israel out of __________ Led Israel into ____________

Led Israel through the ___ ____ Led Israel over the _________

A symbol of ______________ A symbol of ___________

Redeemer from _________ Victor over the __________

What is the over-arching lesson behind the book of Joshua? ________ is the “victory that overcomes the world.”

Who is the author? Predominantly Joshua – but with other contributors, especially toward the end of the book. (24:66)

The book was written before the days of Saul & David and interestingly before the death of Rahab. The last portion of the final chapter, concerning the death of Joshua, was of course, written by another author. Just as Joshua wrote the last chapter of Deuteronomy on the death of Moses, it is likely that someone who outlived Joshua wrote the passage on Joshua’s death.

Date of Writing: on or about ____________ at the conclusion of the conquest of the land of Canaan and just prior to Joshua’s death. We know that Moses died in 1405 B.C. and Joshua died at _____ years of age after conquering the land. By this experts have estimated Joshua died @1379 B.C.

Who was the book written to? To the _____________ Israelites who were settling in the promised land.

One Final Note: the history of the tribes that some of them did not drive out “all” of the enemies and therefore some remained in the land. As a result, the Israelites could not claim total possession of their allotted land.

3 Reasons for the Book of Joshua:

1. Its _______________ Purpose

2. Its _______________ Purpose

3. Its ____________________ Purpose


The book reveals how God brought the nation of Israel into the ___________ ______ in fulfillment of God’s ___________ to the forefathers of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It also shows how Joshua and Israel _____________ and ____________ the promise land.


1. This book manifests God’s _______________ to His Promises

2. This book shows that the _____________ life must be lived by ________ in God

3. This book indicates that although God’s gifts are ______, we must struggle by _______ to take hold of our possessions in Christ


The name Joshua means “__________” or “____________” – Joshua is seen as the Captain that leads his people – Jesus Christ is also described by some as the captain of our souls. Christ is also portrayed in this book in the person of the commander of the army of the Lord (5:14). This passage shows that it is indeed the “angel of the Lord,” or, the preincarnate Christ Himself, whose holy presence demands _____________. Finally, just as the promised land was promised to the Israelites, Christ is the inheritance for _____ and ___, His people.

ULTIMATELY: This book can be divided into 3 parts:

1. Chapters 1-5a – _____________ the Promised Land

2. Chapters 5b-12 – _____________ the Promised Land

3. Chapters 13-24 – ______________ the Promised Land

This book is one of triumph for _______________ _______________ to God!


1. God acts in history to ___________ His promises

2. God seeks to provide _______ for His people

3. God has ethical _________________ of His people

4. God punishes a _________________ people

5. God will win the ____________

Chapter 1 Summary:

The LORD said to Joshua, “arise, cross into the land. Be strong and courageous.” So Joshua told the officers to prepare provisions. Joshua informs the people and reminds the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Half Manasseh about their commitment to cross over with the rest of the nation.

Chapter 1 Details:

Verses 1-4 Joshua was to _______ the people of God into the promised land

Verse 5 The Lord was with Joshua

Verse 6 Joshua was to be __________ in the Lord

Verse 8 Joshua was to ______ the complete law of God

Verse 9 the Lord commissioned Joshua

Verses 10-11 The proof of Joshua’s obedience; he __________ the word of the Lord

Verses 12-15 Joshua ______________ the promises of God

Verses 16-18 Joshua was _______________ by the people

Chapter 2 Summary:

Chapter 2 Details:

Joshua sends spies to Jericho. A prostitute named Rahab hid them, so they promised to spare her family. The spies report back to Joshua.

Verse 1 we learn that Rahab was a __________; and to what degree of a sinner she was

Verses 2-7 Rahab hid the spies by _________