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Prayer Focus 05/15/22 thru 5/21/22

Local Church: Salem Baptist Church (P.O. Box 802, 217 South Main Street, Brundidge, AL 36010) Pastor: vacant

Acts 1:8 Partner: Common Ground Troy (Clint Free)

Global: Equatorial Guinea (Population 1,449,891, Christian 90%, Evangelical 4.4%), Eritrea (Population 3,601,462, Muslim 50.3%, Evangelical 2.1%), Estonia (Population 1,325,188, Non-religous 54%, Evangelical 4.9%), Ethiopia (Population 117,876,226, Christian 60.7%, Evangelical 19.6%), Falkland Islands (Population 3,528, Christian 65.2%, Evangelical 10.8%), Faroe Islands (Population 49,053, Christian 90.6%, Evangelical 28.8%)

Government: Goshen Mayor (M. Darren Jordan) & Council Members (Mack Barber, Jack Waller, Jeremy Bunnell, Shaun Richburg)

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