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Prayer Focus for 11/21/21 thru 11/27/21


Hales Chapel Baptist Church

Highway 29, Goshen, AL 36035

Pastor: vacant

Acts 1:8 Partner

Aaron & Annalise Walker (Campus Outreach Troy)


Togo (Population 8,478,242, Christian 45.4%, Evangelical 10.7%)

Tonga (Population 106,759, Christian 95.8%, Evangelical 15.5%)

Trinidad & Tobago (Population 1,403,374, Christian 65.6%, Evangelical 20.2%)

Tunisia (Population 11,935,764, Muslim 99.4%, Evangelical 0%)

Turkey (Population 85,042,736, Muslim 96.6%, Evangelical 0%)

Turkmenistan (Population 6,117,933, Muslim 96.2%, Evangelical 0%)


The Executive Branch (President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris & the Cabinet and Administration)

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