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Prayer Focus for 3-15-21

Prayer Focus for 3-15-21 thru 3-21-21


St John Baptist Church

2158 County Road 3341, Brundidge, AL 36010

Pastor Averyt Walker

Acts 1:8 Partner

Gianluca & Sonia Pollutri - Italy


Brazil (Population 195m, Christianity 91%), BIOT (Population 2k), British Virgin Is (Population 23k, Christianity 85%), Brunei (Population 407k, Muslim 65%, Christianity 11%), Bulgaria (Population 7m, Christianity 80%), Burkina Faso (Population 16m, Muslim 52%, Christianity 21%)


Troy Mayor: Jason Reeves; Council Members: Robert Jones, Greg Meeks, Marcus Paramore, Stephanie Baker, Wanda Moultry.

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