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Prayer Focus for 6-1-21

Prayer Focus for 6-1-21 thru 6-6-21

Church: Enon Baptist Church, 3611 County Road 6631, Banks, AL 36005. Pastor Mac Moore

Acts 1:8 Partner: Myers Mallory (State Offering)

Countries: Germany (Population: 83,900,471. Christian 64%, Evangelical 2%). Ghana (Population: 31,732,128. Christian 63%, Evangelical 24%). Gibraltar (Population: 33,691. Christian 84%, Evangelical 3%). Greece (Population: 10,370,747. Christian 91.5%, Evangelical 0.4%). Greenland (Population: 56,868. Christian 96%, Evangelical 4%).

Government: Brundidge Mayor: Isabell Boyd. Council Members: Betty Baxter, Arthur L. Griffin, Margaret Ross, Bryon Gaynor, Christopher Foster

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