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Sun, Aug 23


Various Locations across Pike County

Prayer For Our Schools

Let us intercede for teachers, students, parents, administrators, and other staff at our public and private schools. Plan to arrive by 5 PM at the school of your choice. Masks are encouraged. Social Distancing will be observed. Prayer Captains will provide Prayer Guides to participants.

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Prayer For Our Schools
Prayer For Our Schools

Time & Location

Aug 23, 2020, 5:00 PM

Various Locations across Pike County

About the event

Let us intercede for teachers, students, parents, administrators, and other staff at our public and private schools. (Do not forget the many parents who are now homeschooling due to virtual or hybrid classes.)

Plan to arrive by 5 PM at the school of your choice. Masks are encouraged. Social Distancing will be observed.  Participants do not have to walk. They can pray in their cars if they are more comfortable.  Prayer Captains will provide prayer guides and guidelines to participants. Prayer Captains can decide how the time will be spent.

Prayer captains have been identified for nearly all schools. If you want to volunteer to serve as a prayer captain, please contact Ginny Hamm (334) 492-1958 or call the church office.

  • Banks Primary - Lisa McVay  256-558-6119
  • Banks Middle -  Tammy Calhoun 334-670-1208
  • Goshen Elementary School - Sherley Ellis 334-465-1725
  • Goshen High - Chris McVay 256-558-6132
  • Pike County High School and Pike County Elementary - Shondra Whitaker  334-372-4838
  • Troy Primary and Troy Elementary - Elizabeth Hitchcock 205-516-6628
  • Charles Henderson Middle School - Jessica Johnson 334-372-2901
  • Charles Henderson High School - Donna Crawley 334-465-9475
  • Troy-Pike County Center for Technology - Jeremy Knox 334-804-3638
  • Pike Liberal Arts - Eric Burkett 334-662-7917
  • Covenant Christian - Stacey Diamond 334-492-1879
  • Troy University - Grant Norris 251-714-5978

Prayer Guide

There is no one way to pray for God’s blessings of protection, inspiration, and care for a school and its administration, teachers, counselors, aides, coaches, volunteers, custodians, and especially, its students and their parents!  Let the Holy Spirit direct your prayer time, but below is a guide.  Listen to Him and fervently pray for His blessings and protection.

Entire campus:

Thank God for this school and all those who work each day to provide educational, emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological benefit to students, staff, and administrators.  Ask Him to grant an extra special sense of what students need, and wisdom to discern when danger may be lurking or an intervention required.

Ask God to protect the campus from violence, sickness, accidents, disasters, and those who would do harm to those present each day.

Ask Him to protect students, teachers, and staff as they travel to and from school each day, and as they travel to events away from campus.

Front entrance:

Thank God for this school and the doors through which students enter.  Ask Him to surround this entrance and be evident as students walk through the doors.  May a hedge of divine protection be placed around the school and a sense of security be felt by all who enter.  May love, care and protection be felt by everyone.

Office staff and counselors:

Thank God for caring office staff and counselors who provide encouragement to faculty and students.

Ask that students and faculty demonstrate respect and gratitude for administrators, office staff and counselors.

Ask God to grant spiritual insight to recognize those who need help but are afraid to ask.  Give them wisdom in dealing with disruptive or physically threatening students.


Thank God for a secure environment in which students can learn.

Ask God to help students show kindness and deference to others as they walk these halls.  Protect these halls from mean attitudes, weapons, drugs, or any destructive substance.

Each individual classroom:

Thank God for being able to return to classes.

Pray for the students who will be in each classroom and their teachers and aides.  Beseech Him for unity of spirit in the classroom and for respectful attitudes among the students.  May friendliness be the rule of the day!

Ask God for a spirit of cooperation among students and for Christ’s love to be   evident.  Ask that students would be open to learning and doing their best.

Gym/sport fields:

Thank God for the opportunity for students to learn physical skills as well as academic skills.  Thank Him for the positive relationships students often form with their coaches and gym teachers.

Ask that coaches and teachers discern the uniqueness of each student and seek to encourage them to do their best in ALL things.  Give them the wisdom to know how to develop a spirit of teamwork and not foster jealousy or pride.  Help them foster selflessness and humility among students. Ask God to keep students and teachers safe and free from injuries.


Thank God for Administrators who know the Savior and seek the best for all students, parents, teachers, staff and the community.

Ask God to give discernment and wisdom to the principal and assistant principal as they lead the school and make difficult decisions, especially during this time of uncertainty amidst COVID 19.

Pray that the principal will set a godly example for students, faculty and staff. Ask God to protect him/her.


Thank God for teachers filled with the Holy Spirit who rely on Divine wisdom to manage their classrooms and prepare their students for success in life and competence in academic pursuits as well as develop social skills needed for interaction with others.  May the love of Jesus shine through their lives.

Pray that teachers will remain healthy and demonstrate endurance and patience to deal with uncertainty.   Ask that they are granted wisdom to help students who are facing challenging situations and strength when the days are long and hard.

Pray a hedge of protection about them and their families.


Thank God that students can return to the safe environment of the classroom.  Pray that each student remains healthy and well and has assurance that they can approach a teacher or administrator with concerns they may be facing, such as family stress, bullying at school, loneliness, and fear.

Ask Him to help them grow in knowledge, faith, wisdom, and compassion for others.  Ask Him to protect them from harm on their way to and from school and during activities at school.  Pray that their families demonstrate loving care and protection. Pray for students to resist temptation to do wrong things and treat others with disrespect, use foul language and look down on others.


Thank God for families where HE is known, loved, and worshipped.  Ask Him to draw families near and show parents how to depend on Him for solving problems.  Give parents wisdom and patience as they guide their children through the school year.

Lord, we ask you to keep parents healthy and help them to depend on you for the health of their children.  May parents take a sincere interest in their children’s academic and extracurricular activities.


Father we thank you for your attention to all these areas of concern, but we also ask that you provide health, protection, wisdom, and understanding to all people who interact on the school campus. Some of these are:

• Bus drivers

• Traffic crossing guards

• Coaches and their assistants

• Security guards

• Cafeteria staff

• Substitute or temporary teachers and assistants

• School nurse

• Parent/teacher organization

• Janitorial staff

• School board

• Volunteers

Prayer Guide Source: World Network of Prayer

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