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Prayer Walk for Schools

Banks Primary/Elementary and Middle Schools

Tammy Calhoun

Nicholas Chrysson

Geoffrey Spann

Goshen Elementary School

Sherley Ellis

Goshen High

Pike County High School

Pike County Elementary

Tami Meeks

Troy Primary and Troy Elementary

Elizabeth Hitchcock

Michael O'Hara

Charles Henderson Middle School

Aaron Hitchcock

Charles Henderson High School

Troy-Pike County Center for Technology

Pike Liberal Arts

Eric Burkett

Connie Webb

Martha Sellers

Covenant Christian

Troy University

Grant Norris

Zion Chapel

Participants are encouraged to wear FBC shirts if possible.

When: Sunday, August 8th at 4 PM

Where: Troy City Schools and Pike County Schools including the Center for Technology, Covenant Christian, Zion Chapel and Pike Liberal Arts School

Prayer captains have been identified for nearly all schools. If you want to volunteer to serve as a prayer captain, please contact Mary Gibson, Ginny Hamm or call the church office.

Plan to arrive at the FLC by 4 PM Sunday, August 8th for prayer before dismissal. Wear a FBC shirt if you have one. Dress comfortably and bring a bottle of water.

Due to construction, participants for Banks Schools should go directly to the Middle School to meet Tammy Calhoun and other volunteers. Participants don’t have to walk. They can pray in their cars if they are more comfortable. Prayer Captains will provide prayer guides and guidelines to participants.

Let us intercede for teachers, students, parents, administrators, custodians, Law Enforcement, and other staff at our public and private schools. Don’t forget the many parents who are now homeschooling. Their task is vitally important to their students! Our Children are a treasure to be nourished and encouraged.

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